We are a diverse team of physicists and engineers working together to understand, design, manufacture, and control coherent quantum systems comprising superconducting artificial atoms (qubits) for quantum information science and technology applications.

We are one of the leaders worldwide in the development of coherent superconducting devices for quantum information processing. Together with our collaborators, our notable achievements include non-adiabatic control via Landau-Zener transitions, microwave cooling, amplitude spectroscopy, dynamical error mitigation, noise spectroscopy during free- and driven evolution, and the demonstration of high coherence in several superconducting qubit modalities (flux qubit, 2D transmon, 3D transmon, capacitively shunted flux qubit).

Our present efforts span fundamental research to applied physics and systems engineering, including:

  • Design and characterization of high-coherence superconducting qubits
  • Microwave quantum optics and atomic physic with solid-state artificial atoms
  • Noise spectroscopy and coherent error mitigation
  • High-fidelity quantum control
  • Precision measurement and quantum-limited amplification
  • Quantum error detection and correction
  • High-performance beyond-CMOS technologies (cryoCMOS, superconducting interconnects, single-flux quantum devices)

Our team works closely with the Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory to realize these technologies.