Quantum Engineering

24-pin package routing input/output signals that control a quantum processor

Quantum-Limited Amplifiers

Near-quantum-limited traveling wave parametric amplifiers (TWPAs)

Quantum Workforce

Vibrant team of post docs, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers

Quantum Systems

Engineering physics in the pursuit of coherent quantum systems and extensible technologies

Quantum Circuits

Integrated quantum circuits fabricated on 200 mm silicon wafers

Quantum Control

Controlling quantum systems with microwave pulses

Artificial Atoms

Landau-Zener-Stueckelberg quantum interference realized with superconducting qubits.

Quantum Hollywood Squares

High-connectivity in the age of online group meetings

Recent Publications:

3D integration and packaging for solid-state qubits
D. Rosenberg, S. Weber, D. Conway, D. Yost, J. Mallek, G. Calusine, R. Das, D. Kim, M. Schwartz, W. Woods, J. L. Yoder, W. D. Oliver
IEEE Microwave Magazine 21:8, 72-86 (2020) | arXiv:1906.11146 (2019)

Solid-state qubits integrated with superconducting through-silicon vias
D. W. Yost, M. E. Schwartz, J. Mallek, D. Rosenberg, C. Stull, J. L. Yoder, G. Calusine, M. Cook, R. Das, A.L. Day, E. B. Golden, D. K. Kim, A. Melville, B. M. Niedzielski, W. Woods, A. J. Kerman, W. D. Oliver
npj Quantum Information 6, 59  (2020) | arXiv:1912.10942 (2019)

Two-dimensional hard-core Bose-Hubbard model with superconducting qubits
Y. Yanay, J. Braumüller, S. Gustavsson, W. D. Oliver, C. Tahan
npj Quantum Information 6, 58  (2020) | arXiv:1910.00933 (2019)

Engineering framework for optimizing superconducting qubit designs
F. Yan, Y. Sung, P. Krantz, A. Kamal, D.K. Kim, J.L. Yoder, T.P. Orlando, S. Gustavsson, W. D. Oliver
arXiv:2006.04130 (2020)