Melvin Mathews
Visiting Student, RLE
Room 13-2101
melmat7 (at)




¬†Melvin is a master’s student from ETH Zurich who has joined EQuS to pursue his master’s thesis, specializing in the design of control electronics for quantum systems.

Originally from Canada, Melvin completed his Bachelor of Applied Science degree at the University of British Columbia. During his undergraduate studies, he worked with Dr. Jeff Young where he developed a simulator for many-body cQED systems. At ETH Zurich he had the opportunity to work in the lab of Dr. Tilman Esslinger developing an FPGA design for the control of a digital micromirror device for neutral atom experiments and later with Dr. Andreas Walraff on the hardware implementation of an efficient decoder for quantum error correction.

Melvin gained practical experience through internships at Microsoft, where he worked as a hardware design intern and at Photonic, where he served as a Quantum Simulations Engineer.

Outside of academics, Melvin enjoys biking, hiking and spending time with friends and family.