Ziqiao Ao
Visiting Student, RLE
Room 13-2101
zqao (at) mit.edu




Ziqiao received his B.E. from Waseda University in Japan in 2016, where he worked on solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics system with nano optical fiber and solid-state emitters.

He is now pursuing his Ph. D., working on ultra-strong/deep-strong coupling systems using superconducting circuits, such as flux qubits and coplanar waveguide resonators, to study the property of multimode ultra-strong coupling. This is a joint research project in collaboration with Aoki Lab at Waseda University and Macroscopic Quantum Physics Group at National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies.

During his stay at MIT, he works on a new design of qubit, which is expected to suppress the qubit-qubit ZZ coupling. His stay is supported by Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Young Ambassador Program and PEP program by MEX, Waseda University, and MIT.